Petrogel participation in the Global Petroleum Show GSP

Global Petroleum Show (GPS) is the most important energy expo & conference in North America attracting more than 50,000 international and domestic oil and gas executives from over 21,000 companies. Officials from government, national and international energy companies across the entire supply chain convene at GPS to share innovative technologies, conduct business and engage in complex and controversial discussions aimed to shape the future of the energy industry.

Petrogel participated today ,June 11 , 2019 in the show , being a member of the  Council for development  Canada-Algeria  (CDCA) , in collaboration with the Algerian Association of Gas Industry (AIG), the Government of Alberta and the Trade Commissioner Team of the Embassy of Canada  in Algeria, to support the participation of the Algerian delegation in the Global Petroleum Show (GPS), which is taking place in Canada, in the city of Calgary in Alberta from June 11 to 13, 2019 … this new mission, which will undoubtedly contribute to the consolidation of economic relations between the two countries.

Partnership agreement between PETROGEL AND SALAMA-BANK Algeria

A partnership agreement was signed between Petrogel and Salam Bank-Algeria,As part of the economic cooperation, it allows companies to acquire Petrogel fuel and petroleum products distribution equipment provided by Petrogel through leasing financing, approved by Al Salam Bank-Algeria in the financing of companies and service stations through all branches located throughout the country.This agreement enables various energy-efficient economic institutions (multi-service stations) to acquire petroleum and petrol dispensing equipment supplied by Petrogel under leasing financing, approved by Al Salam Bank-Algeria for the financing of companies throughout the national territory.Petrogel, through its permanent partnerships in the economic framework, affirms its desire to be present in the oil market and to meet its needs, and those of companies in accordance with a strategy adapted to the requirements of economic development in this sector.


We had the honor, today, to receive Mr. Youcef YOUSFI the Minister of Industry and Mines accompanied by the Wali of Skikda , the President of the People’s Assembly of the wilaya and the civil authorities within from the petrogel oil and grease manufacturing unit in Azzaba, Skikda. 


The Minister made an inspection visit to our shipyards where he had a presentation of the inventory and inspected the progress of the project which is a big step in the Algerian economy. 


After the tour, a projection of the final project was made to our honorable guests at a snack (COLLATION) where the Minister expressed his satisfaction and encouragement for our company which is making great strides.

The visit comes to an end with the decree of a trophy and a traditional BURNOUS to Mr.Youcef YOUSSFI as thank for the encouragement and guidance that he shares with us. 


It should be noted that the Petrogel product line will meet the needs of the national market, whether in the automotive or industrial sector.


Petrogel is launching a training center for the installers of LPG/c kits and tanks and lubricant technicians ‘Petrogel Oil & Gas Center’, at its headquarters in Algiers. Petrogel Gas & Oil Center is certified by the Ministry of Industry and Mines under Certificate of competence N° 04/2018 of 16.04.2018.

Petrogel Oil & Gas Center offers a qualifying training provided by professionals and educationalists in the field.

Our organization gives the opportunity to young people wishing to invest in the LPG/C field by providing basic training for future installers of LPG/C conversion kits, through the organization of appropriate training sessions.

Thanks to the very rich experience of the trainers of Petrogel Oil & Gas Center, our organization allows you to acquire an expertise for the installation of all LPG systems on different models of gasoline vehicles.

Petrogel Oil & Gas Center has a specific equipment and tools to ensure the installation and control of LPG systems.

Why choose Petrogel Oil & Gas Center?

Petrogel Gas & Oil Center commits to:

  • To provide you with a high-level training that relies on the expertise of trainers and professional consultants.
  • To allow you to acquire the maximum of knowledge in order to exercise your activity as a professional.
  • To assist you when opening your own conversion workshops, ensuring the supply and availability of tanks and LPG / c kits with technical assistance.

How to join Petrogel Oil & Gas Center?

  • You are 22 years old and over and you have at least a 2nd year high school level.
  • You have a degree in Auto Mechanics, Auto Electricity, Auto Electrical Engineering or equivalent.

You can now join us and benefit from a qualifying training in installation and assembly of LPG / c kits and tanks.

We guarantee you coaching and total accommodation during your course at Petrogel Oil & Gas Center.

Press release

Algerian-Canadian partnership for national production:

Petrogel and Kam Biotechnology sign an agreement in Algiers

Algiers on December 02, 2018: The Algerian company Petrogel, operating in the distribution of fuels and petroleum products with the Canadian company KAM Biotechnology, specializing in bioproducts, have announced today the signing of a partnership contract. This agreement was facilitated by The Algerian authorities, The Trade Commissioner Team of the Canadian Embassy in Algeria and the Canada-Algeria Development Council (CDCA). Discussions between the two partners began in the margins of the CDCA economic mission of February 2018.

This contract makes Petrogel an exclusive partner for the production and marketing of KAM Biotechnology products in Algeria. The company will take care of the delivery to the industrial sites of the local customers and maintain sufficient stocks in Algeria to meet the growing needs of customers. Petrogel will also be responsible for shipping products from Canada.

  • Mr. Mustapha Ouyed, President of the CDCA, said on the sidelines of the initiative: “We are proud to see this first very practical outlet for our mission last February. CDCA’s role is to bring the two business communities, Canadian and Algerian, together and help them identify joint opportunities. I can say that it has been successful for KAM Biotechnology and Petrogel, and I thank the diplomatic authorities and the governments of Algeria and Canada for their continued and effective support”

As part of this agreement, the two companies will also invest locally in production capacities for certain KAM Biotechnology products. This will in particular make it possible to optimize the availability and the costs, but also to make of Algeria a distribution platform for KAM Biotechnology’s products in Africa and elsewhere.

  • Mr. Hamza Guettai, General Manager of Petrogel, said, «Very pleased with the partnership announced today, which allows Petrogel to expand the range of solutions it deploys in Algeria. We will capitalize on our infrastructure and our recognized and appreciated expertise in the distribution of fuels, to offer our customers the availability and support for the effective use of KAM Biotechnology products».

In early October, the two companies even carried out a large-scale trial of one of KAM Biotechnology’s flagship products, the ADHEREX 120. It is a biological product for the reduction of dust used especially in mining sites, quarries and major construction sites, in order to eliminate the environmental and economic impacts related to the dust caused by the movement of trucks and equipment on the off-road tracks. This product has been tested on a phosphate-mining site in Algeria, with very positive results. This test was made possible thanks to the support and involvement of the MANAL Group and its subsidiary Somiphos, as well as the Ministry of Industry and Mines.

  • Professor Mongi Ferchichi, CEO of KAM Biotechnology has assured that «the effectiveness of our biological product ADHEREX 120, will now reduce in Algeria the environmental and financial impacts, associated with dust emissions, as in some industries and construction sites. Our strategic partnership with Petrogel will also enable companies and organizations in Algeria to benefit from the advantages of our other state-of-the-art biological products in order to effectively and economically address their other environmental and operational challenges”»

– End –

Press contacts:

  • Petrogel: Amina ATOUI,  Communication Manager.

 KAM Biotechnology: Mongi  Ferchichi , CEO,

Download the press release

Petrogel tests the ADHEREX 120 in a mining site

Petrogel, in partnership with KAM Biotechnology, carried out tests of the ADHEREX 120 biological product in a phosphate-mining site in Algeria.

ADHEREX 120 is a dust abatement product used especially in mining sites, quarries and major construction sites. It provides a modern method for erosion control through good soil conditioning and is also ecological and economical.

The test was carried out at the phosphate mining site of the national company SOMIPHOS (subsidiary of the MANAL group).

For 3 days, the runway was sprayed with different concentrations of ADHREX 120 and water.

The results were impressive: more than 80% reduction in dust generation and a big difference when the truck moved from the treated track to the untreated track.

ADHEREX 120, will henceforth reduce in Algeria the environmental and financial impacts related to dust emissions, as in certain industries and construction sites.

Scientific and Technical days of SONTARACH

Petrogel participates in the 11th Scientific and Technical Days “JST11” organized by SONATRACH, which is held at the Oran conventions center from April 16th to 19th, 2018. In the main topic: “Innovation and partnership, in a world context of energy transition”.
Placed under the high sponsorship of its Excellency the President of the Republic Mr. Abdelaziz BOUTAFLIKA, this event is dedicated to the national and international actors of the energy sector.
The JST are, therefore, a flagship area of communication, valuing skills, sharing experiences and promoting the result culture and Logic Knowledge Management.
Presenting its offers and services, Petrogel is taking part in this edition with an exhibition stand at the US-Algeria Business Counsel Pavilion.
During four days, Petrogel received a very important number of visitors: professionals in the field of energy, exhibitors…

Petrogel rewards its customers

To celebrate the 47th anniversary of the nationalization of hydrocarbons, Petrogel organizes a reception in honor of its partners and customers (managers of the service stations), with the presence of the energy director of the wilaya of Batna, National Union Investors and Owners of Gas Stations UNIPREST.
The event took place over three days and was an opportunity to recall the Petrogel policy that is, always, aimed at offering the best to its partners and clients. It was also an opportunity to make a presentation of the company’s future projects and its vision towards its customers and partners.
At the end of the ceremony, Petrogel awarded prizes to all clients. It consists on visits to the holy sites of Islam (Omra) in order to thank them for their efforts and trust.
It was decided that the event will become a tradition in Petrogel and will be held every February 24 of the year.

Algerian- Canadian Forum

In the presence of the Canadian Ambassador to Algeria, the General Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Petrogel takes part in the Algerian-Canadian Forum on “Partnership and Exports” organized by the Canada-Algeria Development Council (CDCA), FCE and Algex.

The forum brought together nearly 300 participants from public and private companies. It aims to facilitate and develop business relations and trade flows between the business communities of the two countries and to create momentum for new partnership opportunities between Algerian and Canadian companies.
The objective is to promote the diversification of Algerian productions and exports in partnership with Canadian companies.
Petrogel sponsors this event and encourages this initiative to give a new breath into the relationship between Algeria and Canada.


The US-Algeria Business Council and the US-Arab Bilateral Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Algerian Embassy in Washington DC, hosted the 2018 US Algeria Energy Forum on January 29, 2018 in Houston Texas
Petrogel takes part of the event in the presence of several companies working in the field of energy (Sonatrach, Sonelgaz …). The Forum aims to create investment opportunities in the field of hydrocarbons in Algeria and to establish relations between Algerian and American companies.
On the sidelines of this Forum, Petrogel receives an honorary trophy from the president of the USABC, Mr. Ismail CHIKHOUNE.