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Press release

December 2nd, 2018

Algerian-Canadian partnership for national production:

Petrogel and Kam Biotechnology sign an agreement in Algiers

Algiers on December 02, 2018: The Algerian company Petrogel, operating in the distribution of fuels and petroleum products with the Canadian company KAM Biotechnology, specializing in bioproducts, have announced today the signing of a partnership contract. This agreement was facilitated by The Algerian authorities, The Trade Commissioner Team of the Canadian Embassy in Algeria and the Canada-Algeria Development Council (CDCA). Discussions between the two partners began in the margins of the CDCA economic mission of February 2018.

This contract makes Petrogel an exclusive partner for the production and marketing of KAM Biotechnology products in Algeria. The company will take care of the delivery to the industrial sites of the local customers and maintain sufficient stocks in Algeria to meet the growing needs of customers. Petrogel will also be responsible for shipping products from Canada.

  • Mr. Mustapha Ouyed, President of the CDCA, said on the sidelines of the initiative: “We are proud to see this first very practical outlet for our mission last February. CDCA’s role is to bring the two business communities, Canadian and Algerian, together and help them identify joint opportunities. I can say that it has been successful for KAM Biotechnology and Petrogel, and I thank the diplomatic authorities and the governments of Algeria and Canada for their continued and effective support”

As part of this agreement, the two companies will also invest locally in production capacities for certain KAM Biotechnology products. This will in particular make it possible to optimize the availability and the costs, but also to make of Algeria a distribution platform for KAM Biotechnology’s products in Africa and elsewhere.

  • Mr. Hamza Guettai, General Manager of Petrogel, said, «Very pleased with the partnership announced today, which allows Petrogel to expand the range of solutions it deploys in Algeria. We will capitalize on our infrastructure and our recognized and appreciated expertise in the distribution of fuels, to offer our customers the availability and support for the effective use of KAM Biotechnology products».

In early October, the two companies even carried out a large-scale trial of one of KAM Biotechnology’s flagship products, the ADHEREX 120. It is a biological product for the reduction of dust used especially in mining sites, quarries and major construction sites, in order to eliminate the environmental and economic impacts related to the dust caused by the movement of trucks and equipment on the off-road tracks. This product has been tested on a phosphate-mining site in Algeria, with very positive results. This test was made possible thanks to the support and involvement of the MANAL Group and its subsidiary Somiphos, as well as the Ministry of Industry and Mines.

  • Professor Mongi Ferchichi, CEO of KAM Biotechnology has assured that «the effectiveness of our biological product ADHEREX 120, will now reduce in Algeria the environmental and financial impacts, associated with dust emissions, as in some industries and construction sites. Our strategic partnership with Petrogel will also enable companies and organizations in Algeria to benefit from the advantages of our other state-of-the-art biological products in order to effectively and economically address their other environmental and operational challenges”»

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Press contacts:

  • Petrogel: Amina ATOUI,  Communication Manager.

 KAM Biotechnology: Mongi  Ferchichi , CEO,

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