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Petrogel tests the ADHEREX 120 in a mining site

October 11th, 2018

Petrogel, in partnership with KAM Biotechnology, carried out tests of the ADHEREX 120 biological product in a phosphate-mining site in Algeria.

ADHEREX 120 is a dust abatement product used especially in mining sites, quarries and major construction sites. It provides a modern method for erosion control through good soil conditioning and is also ecological and economical.

The test was carried out at the phosphate mining site of the national company SOMIPHOS (subsidiary of the MANAL group).

For 3 days, the runway was sprayed with different concentrations of ADHREX 120 and water.

The results were impressive: more than 80% reduction in dust generation and a big difference when the truck moved from the treated track to the untreated track.

ADHEREX 120, will henceforth reduce in Algeria the environmental and financial impacts related to dust emissions, as in certain industries and construction sites.