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Partnership agreement between PETROGEL AND SALAMA-BANK Algeria

10 juin 2019

A partnership agreement was signed between Petrogel and Salam Bank-Algeria,As part of the economic cooperation, it allows companies to acquire Petrogel fuel and petroleum products distribution equipment provided by Petrogel through leasing financing, approved by Al Salam Bank-Algeria in the financing of companies and service stations through all branches located throughout the country.This agreement enables various energy-efficient economic institutions (multi-service stations) to acquire petroleum and petrol dispensing equipment supplied by Petrogel under leasing financing, approved by Al Salam Bank-Algeria for the financing of companies throughout the national territory.Petrogel, through its permanent partnerships in the economic framework, affirms its desire to be present in the oil market and to meet its needs, and those of companies in accordance with a strategy adapted to the requirements of economic development in this sector.