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PETROGEL is an Algerian company specialized in the storage, the distribution and the marketing of petroleum products, as well as the industrial oils.
Located in Batna, it owns a fuel storage unit classified as the largest one at the national level in the private sector at the national scale in terms of volume,

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Petrogel puts at the disposal of its customers several types of fuel (Super, normal fuel, unleaded, ...


Due to the importance of our fleet, we are able to respond perfectly to our customer’s requests an...


This service is specialized in studies and realization of major projects. The office deals with:


Petrogel does not intend to stop in such a good path, and it is investing in the refining industry. ...


Petrogel, exclusive representative of KAM Biothechnology
Petrogel is the e...


Petrogel has just incorporated a new activity that is refueling services, fuel and ...

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