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16 décembre 2018

Petrogel is launching a training center for the installers of LPG/c kits and tanks and lubricant technicians ‘Petrogel Oil & Gas Center’, at its headquarters in Algiers. Petrogel Gas & Oil Center is certified by the Ministry of Industry and Mines under Certificate of competence N° 04/2018 of 16.04.2018.

Petrogel Oil & Gas Center offers a qualifying training provided by professionals and educationalists in the field.

Our organization gives the opportunity to young people wishing to invest in the LPG/C field by providing basic training for future installers of LPG/C conversion kits, through the organization of appropriate training sessions.

Thanks to the very rich experience of the trainers of Petrogel Oil & Gas Center, our organization allows you to acquire an expertise for the installation of all LPG systems on different models of gasoline vehicles.

Petrogel Oil & Gas Center has a specific equipment and tools to ensure the installation and control of LPG systems.

Why choose Petrogel Oil & Gas Center?

Petrogel Gas & Oil Center commits to:

  • To provide you with a high-level training that relies on the expertise of trainers and professional consultants.
  • To allow you to acquire the maximum of knowledge in order to exercise your activity as a professional.
  • To assist you when opening your own conversion workshops, ensuring the supply and availability of tanks and LPG / c kits with technical assistance.

How to join Petrogel Oil & Gas Center?

  • You are 22 years old and over and you have at least a 2nd year high school level.
  • You have a degree in Auto Mechanics, Auto Electricity, Auto Electrical Engineering or equivalent.

You can now join us and benefit from a qualifying training in installation and assembly of LPG / c kits and tanks.

We guarantee you coaching and total accommodation during your course at Petrogel Oil & Gas Center.