Avec vous, avec toute notre énergie

Notre entreprise


Storage and distribution of petroleum products by the private operators, such as Petrogel, are considered relatively recent activities. This is reflecting our country’s openness towards this activity branch. This new orientation would encourage economic operators to undertake this experience.
As a private company in the field of hydrocarbons, this is in fact what has encouraged us to engage in this experience and participate in decreasing the pressure that Sonatrach affiliated public enterprises suffer from.

The idea of investment in the energy sector came to us, for the simple reason that this segment will develop in the next few years.
Automotive industry and its corollaries, the energy fluids strengthen the economy of all countries. They are indicators of good status of the economies. Quality requirements and environmental protection are challenges that we must follow.

Our objective is to create a consequent customer portfolio and develop our gas stations, with all the commodities in all the provinces.
What profoundly distinguishes us from the competitors is the fact that, we focus on the professionalism that animates our collaborators.
What reassures us is being together with this singular team full of energy and this is the only reason why we follow this way full of certainties.
Finally, we respond to the market’s needs with a great speed by proposing products with a high added value.

We shall be always, WITH YOU WITH ALL OUR ENERGY.