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Notre entreprise

About us

PETROGEL is an Algerian company specialized in the storage, the distribution and the marketing of petroleum products, as well as the industrial oils.
Located in Batna, it owns a fuel storage unit classified as the largest one in the private sector at the national scale in terms of volume (6000M3), which the realization was done in a record time (6 months) with the efforts of its 100% Algerian team.

Petrogel was created in 2010, in the wake of the opening of distribution’s sector of the petroleum products, initiated by the energy ministry in 2008.
The aim is to remedy the shortfalls of storage and distribution infrastructures and gives consumers the benefits of the companies’ competitiveness in the sector.

Notre équipe

Our team

A highly qualified algerian young team, recruited in a very rigorous and selective way, leads Petrogel. The notions of competence, skills and work experiences are criteria of choice to integrate the company. This is the reason why Petrogel has a dynamic, professional team that shares the same vision and contributes to the satisfactions of customer’s requirements, as well.
The celerity is our watchword in order to suggest appropriate solutions personalized to each problem. Thereby, the company insures a qualitative recruitment; it offers the possibilities of evolution and training for all the employees. It also provides a pleasant work environment within a multicultural team.