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Activité carburant


The innovation is one of our values. For that, Petrogel has developed an innovative idea for the distribution of petroleum products in Algeria: the creation of mobile stations.
They are compact service stations, ready for supplying and storing fuel. They are built according to the criteria of the oil installations. This is the first equipment in Algeria, which is a standardized container (ISO certification).

Mobigel does not need a civil engineering works, it is autonomous (power supply with a generator) its storage capacity can reach 60M3 with the possibility to put two products at once; it contains an anti-fire and anti-leak system. The equipment ensures a trouble-free installation at the place of positioning in a record time.
Mobigel can be moved easily and safely.

This concept intends to improve market coverage, particularly in the remote areas (regions) and give consumers of those isolated areas, the benefits of range products with good quality criteria.