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Activité carburant


Located in several regions of the country, Petrogel’s gas stations network is composed of around fifty stations. It provides a variety of petroleum products and related services.
At petrogel, you can supply yourself with gasoline (super, normal, and unleaded) Diesel oil and LPG.
These products are from national refineries. They, entirely, respond to the technical specifications of the market. They are, completely, compliant and adapted to the Algerian environmental standards.
Petrogel allows the managers of APS (Approved Point of Sale) to collaborate in the long-term by carrying out a wide range of renovations, reorganization of the stations in terms of infrastructure, dressing and management. It also proposes ancillary services such as the repair and cars wash, sale of gas and checking process of pneumatic pressure.
We are trying to satisfy our customer’s needs. Petrogel improves constantly the quality of its services. We manage to stick to these objectives through our extremely well trained team.